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Imagine you just found a trusted way to recovery the bitcoin you lost to scam. How delighted, and mentally relieved would you be? What if I show you trusted ways to recover your scammed bitcoin right now would you believe?

Since I have your interest at heart, in this video, I would be showing you categorical steps in which you can recover your bitcoin. Bitcoin as we know it operates a transparent, irreversible and trust less system of payment


Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general are deemed to be pretty secure, but sometimes unexpected things can happen. You can send out your asset mistakenly to an unknown user. You may be ripped off your asset by hungry online scammers. In short, even experienced traders have had crypto assets lost, or stolen. Before now, there were little or no ways to recover this asset. The good news however is that there are ways to recovery your scammed or stolen cryptocurrency back, even right now. We will be looking at the top ways to recover your scammed or stolen bitcoin or cryptocurrency, as well as funds lost other forms of investment scam. One of the best, and most recommended bitcoin, and funds recovery experts that specialize in recovering scammed bitcoin, stolen cryptocurrency and money lost to binary options or forex is Phoenix souls
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Steps to Recover Scammed Bitcoin or Stolen Cryptocurrency:

  1. Act Immediately:
  2. The quicker you can act, the better. The longer you wait to start tracing your scammed cryptocurrency, the more time you give to the scammers to transfer your assets to cold storage, send them to sketchy exchanges, or to tumblers to mix them up. So, the more sophisticated you are, and the less sophisticated the thieves are at laundering the assets, the better chance you have. If the funds are in an exchange, you will need to contact them and ask them to freeze your assets. This will definitely buy you some time. And save your asset from being lost totally.
  3. Get Legal Assistance:
  4. For the legal system to actually work in your favour, you will have to know who stole your cryptocurrency. While you may be able to freeze funds against an unknown scammer, it may be quite challenging, since the transaction is trustless. So, to enforce an order requiring fraudsters to pay damages or handover stolen property, ultimately, you will need to know who they are. One of the many good benefits of cryptocurrency is that you can see where the coins went. If they go through an exchange, you'll most likely be able to find out who the wallet holder is thanks to the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. From there, you can get an order to reveal the thief's identity and recover your stolen Bitcoin. If you find this stage challenging, you can contact us to help you act swiftly.
  5. Recover Lost Crypto from a Cold Wallet:
  6. Cold wallets are offline wallets that are designed for storing cryptocurrencies. With cold storage, the digital wallet is stored on a platform without internet connectivity. This protects the wallet from cyber hacks, unauthorized access, and other vulnerabilities that could be exploited if they were connected to the internet.
  7. Ways to Recover Crypto from Cold Wallet:
    1. Encrypted Devices: Encrypted phones and laptops work like cold wallets, so that you can safely store and access your private key information. Like cold wallets, you can retrieve lost information through professional help, which we provide
    2. Paper Wallets: If you have a paper wallet, consider storing it in a vault or safety deposit box. That way, you will literally have a physical backup of your key information. This is a pretty old-fashioned way of doing things, so you maybe consider other options first.
    3. Pen Drives/Hard Drives: While this is a very secure way to store your coins, retrieving your data from them should they be damaged or corrupted is a timely, and expensive process. You will definitely need a professional to do this.
    4. The Phoenix Tools: of all the stages of recovery of bitcoin, this is invariably the most sophisticated. In that with our blockchain developed tools, we help our clients to recover their Bitcoin swiftly. We are equally trusted and tested across various industries.


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